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Børge Fjordheim




The drummer, composer, arranger and producer Børge Fjordheim co-owns recording studio Elektrolüd and vinyl pressing plant T-Time Vinyl Plant in Stavanger, Norway. Fjordheim is also a part of the impro-rockband Cloroform. Since 1997 he has co-produced pop-singer Morten Abel’s records, while also being the regular drummer on his tours. Other artists he tours regularly with include Sivert Höyem and Janove. As a songwriter and producer, Børge has worked with Eva & The Heartmaker, Janove, Marion Ravn, Thea & The Wild, Lene Marlin, Monica Heldal, Halvdan Sivertsen, Hilde Selvikvåg, Kylie Minogue and more. Fjordheim has also written music for radio, TV and film.