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Brandyn Burnette

Artist and Songwriter



Barely into his 20’s, singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette has travelled the world, penning hundreds of songs with many of today´s top writers and producers like MDL, Busbee, Sean Douglas, Tom Meredith, Ari Levine, Kojak, Diane Warren, Emanuel “E-Man” Kiriakou, Jon Bellion, Backstreet Boys, Evan Bogart, Martin Johnson, Lauren Christy, Kara DioGuardi, The Futuristics, Cook Classics, Sean Douglas, Sam Martin, DJ Frank E, Halatrax, and more. His 1st project Made of Dreams was released in 2015, and the following year his second EP dropped. Also in 2016, Burnette formed the duo Cosmos & Creatures with artist Molly Moore. His new project, EMAN8, dropped in 2018.