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Eirik Næss




Eirik Næss is a 2012 London College of Music graduate. In 2016 he made it to the finals of Norwegian Idol. He has become a sought-after guitarist, singer, topliner and studio musician. Collaborations with Fredrik Borch, JOWST, Mood Melodies, Jesper Borgen, Djerv, BISÅN, Sirius, Alan Walker, Marcus & Martinus, Ida Maria, Angelina Jordan and Julie Bergan. In 2022 Eirik is active with a string of releases and co-releases under own name, recently with Leøn Tarø and OKEY. Eirik is open to write in almost any genre, K-pop, EDM, pop, country and rock. Comfortable with online sessions where he does vocal recording/production and guitar recordings if needed.