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Joonas Parkkonen



Starting out as a band musician where he wrote, produced and performed with his own bands, Joonas got the taste of being a hands-on producer and writer at the same time. After many successful years playing in bands, Joonas became a sought after producer in the Finnish music scene where he also found a new love for pop. He stopped playing with bands some years ago and have now been doing pop, rock, dance and hip-hop productions and songwriting with a big viarity of artists.

Joonas can play guitar, piano, drums and bass. A true swizz army knife with the ears for great hooklines that has resulted in a viarity of cuts, a special skill is that Joonas knows rock / metal production very well and can produce more rock leaning demos as fast as pop and EDM

Otgroing the Finnish music scene, Joonas now spends half of his time in Stockholm having his eyes set on international collaberations.