Our Story

Senior management team; Kai Robøle, Erik Brataas, Kerstin Mangert.

Norwegian music is currently in high demand. Our goal is to ensure that the rights of Norwegian composers and music publishers are managed locally, seeing off tough competition from major international players.

Pioneering through collaboration

With more than a century of music industry experience between them, the founders and contributors to Arctic Rights encompass some of the industry’s finest. The initiative comes from music publishing pioneer Kai Robøle, founder and CEO of Waterfall Music. Together with Erik Brataas, previously of Phonofile, he has enlisted the catalogues and expertise of Obel Publishing, Kassner Music and Norsk Musikkforlag, making Arctic Rights the largest music publishing constellation Norway has ever seen. Completing the senior management team is Kerstin Mangert, previously with STIM, who is bringing crucial know-how from her unique experience with Swedish and international rights management.

Local expertise with international impact

By combining the force of its founder members, Arctic Rights has a wide asset base that it will use to further the development of its artists, songwriters and licensed catalogue. If you write or publish music and need a collaborator with both local expertise and impact internationally, no choice is safer than Arctic Rights.