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Arctic Rights Management operates with worldwide digital distribution across all musical genres, delivering great music to Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes, Deezer and many more. As a music publisher, we know that the only thing that matters is the song. As a label we make sure it gets heard.

Get your music online and increase your revenue using our label service.

Our tailor made solutions can include anything from A&R, recording, mastering and graphic design, to distribution, promotion, statistics and royalty distribution, all depending on your specific needs.

Are you a songwriter looking for an outlet and someone to help you out with your passion project?

Are you planning to take your recording career to the next level?

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Arctic Sounds

Arctic Sounds is an Arctic Rights record label for instrumental music.

The idea behind Arctic Sounds is to release music catered to playlists curated by Spotify or other streaming platforms, as well as TV, film and commercials.

Our songs have been featured on playlists with millions of followers that are targeted towards people looking for music to put on in the background when studying, hosting a dinner party or just relaxing at home.

Jean Pierre Elman

Kjell-Åge Karlsen

Ole-Bjørn Talstad

Harpa Jonsdottir